Girls Varsity Golf

The CGA golf program began in the fall of 1982 with a group of five girls playing one regular season match. From those humble beginnings, the program has developed a rich history and tradition; producing multiple Sectional and Regional Championships, and five trips to the State Finals. In addition, the program has achieved some outstanding individual success stories. Laura Korus was our first player to advance to the state finals as an individual in 1996, earning a college scholarship to Florida Atlantic in the process, and later going on to play in the US Women's Open. Four-time All-State recipient Caroline Haase followed a few years later by winning the 2001 IHSAA State Championship, and became the first CGA athlete to capture a state crown. She went on to play four years of intercollegiate golf at Purdue.

The philosophy of the program from its incipient stages has been two-fold: to teach beginners the skill that will last them a lifetime, and to prepare more experienced players for interscholastic competition. In keeping with this philosophy, we have never cut a girl from the team. There are players who are not ready for competitive golf when they first arrive at Culver, whom we teach the fundamentals and endeavor to instill a passion for the game. Our philosophy is not to put a girl on the course before she can handle both the physical and mental rigors of competitive golf.

While some girls are getting their first exposure to the sport, there are others whom we are preparing for competitive golf.  We stress to our players the importance of playing competitive golf and working hard over the summer, and coming back to school ready to get on the course. We also encourage the girls to attend a golf camp or to work with a teaching professional. With the success the program has experienced over the years, it's clear that many girls have heeded our exhortations.

As much as the program strives for success on the course, developing and nurturing character is no less a part of our mission. If the cardinal virtues of the Academy are Wisdom, Justice, Courage, and Moderation, they must also be the guiding principles of our program. We want girls who make good decisions on the course, who play by the rules, who learn to deal with adversity, and who are in control of their emotions. We want a program in which how the girls play the game is every bit as important as the score the shoot.


First Name Last Name Grade Hometown
Hannah Brumback 12 New Albany, OH
Michelle Heckaman 10 Plymouth, IN
Amanda Kurteff 10 Plainfield, IL
Caroline Perea 9 Arvada, CO
Natalie Peric 12 Culver, IN
Sunny Shi 11 Beijing, China
Ashley Trube 11 Kokomo, IN
Eugenia Wang 9 Beijing, China
Olivia Wang 10 Beijing, China